A mysterious haiku

Note:  This haiku have be post by cp to the email of mega7000 You will not see the haiku on other blog.

Hi everyone it is mega7000 and I have great news first we beat our record of viewers by day and thanks everyone this blog is becoming very popular ok now

I was emailing cp for something… and they answer me and they gave me this mysterious haiku

> > In the meantime, consider this haiku:
> > 
> > The mighty iceberg
> > may be tipped by the falling
> > of the smallest flake.
I already asked them if the iceberg might be tipped and they answer me this

 Haikus are often a bit mysterious...much like Sensei! Therefore, I'm not entirely certain what the haiku Dan wrote for you means, exactly. It could mean that even the smallest ninja can accomplish great things, small efforts over time equal big rewards, or perhaps something to do with the Iceberg itself. I guess we'll just have to ponder over this and see what happens in the future
Waddle on everyone
By: mega7000

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