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Fun with Federflink1: Great adventure tour!
Federflink1 of 11 June 2013 – 10:18 | Comments (9)
Hey people,

A few weeks ago I asked you for ideas to “fun with Federflink1” activities. This time we put a proposal to the winner of Pingukeks. His idea was to make a lot of activities one after another, instead of just one was:

“The best should do all have something in common. But instead of just one activity we could do several in succession, for example:. Tip the iceberg First, after playing football and then play theater (or watch) ”

Here you can read, “Your opinion” Post-again all.

So stay tuned for a great adventure tour 13 June at 17:15 clock (Central European time) on the server Gloves, meeting city. We will try to tip the iceberg, play football together, a play put on hold and a final delicious feast in the pizzeria.

Polished before your helmets, football teams, together and rehearsing a role in the new play “underwater adventure”. To the viewers and fans among you: Make sure you get the best seats! 😉

I’m looking forward to seeing you!

Fins Winker Greetings:-D

your Federflink1
from the Club Penguin Team

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