Club Penguin wednesday Loustik activity

Hello everyone today Loustik005 posted what idea he chose I m going to go but they will be many people of course so here is the post: 

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Wednesday Loustik: activity
Loustik005 by June 26, 2013 at 12:06 pm
Hi ice!
Now is the time to announce the activity today! That’s what Boudaourd offers:
“It could be a marching band and walking around the island by a monstrous sound with trumpets, drums, guitars, cymbals and screaming monsters prepare for the party!
Waddle all. – Boudaourd (I hear noises under my bed …. Sulli is that you?) “
A band? And monsters? The show should be explosive!
Are you ready to join us? So grab your instrument and come today in the server  YETI hour in France at 17:30 (11:30 on Canada I think so ) that makes 8h30 Am PSt

Congratulations Boudaourd and ring the trumpets! THANK YOU for all your imaginative ideas! At the time! 😉


ok everyone if you can t find Loustik005 check the blog he is in my friend lists and I will put his location!

Bye everyone


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