Club Penguin Giveaway Contest?

Hey everyone I have an idea I will choose some penguins who will have a treasure book codes and for the others I will do a contest so here it is I decided that the 3 next persons who will suscribe my channel in english and write that they suscribe on a video on my channel and they have to give me their emails and I will give them 1 to each of them so here is the link! The contest begin

25 thoughts on “Club Penguin Giveaway Contest?

  1. I cant subrscribe but i really want a treasure book code, because ive been playing cp for over a year and never gotten one, so please give me on e can i enter the give away, and sorry about subriscribing so bye, wiggly11

    • Hello madelyn with this giveaway i ve got 24 more suscribers so I will pick two persons and one person and they will win one the giveaway will be the 10th august

  2. Hey
    I am Funky Pepsi on cp
    and my email
    I subbed to you on youtube and I am doing this for my sister
    actually this is my sister’s account and her birthday is on 27 Sept.
    I wanna make her happy please choose me 😀

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