Club Penguin mega7000 s summer party today

Hey everyone today is my summer party check the details


the first official mega7000′s summer party! You are all invitated !

Server: Cozy

Day: 17 august!

Time: 10Am PST ( Cp time) for est add  3 hours TO THE PST and for the UK add 8 hours to the PST  well you can check the Club Penguin times at the snow fort if you want to come!

I will take photos  make a party video and will post in on my channel I will maybe add some friends because my list is full so I will try we re going to play hide and sneek check the blog for the hint! You can decorate your igloo cause I will choose the best one and post in on my blog! and we will do stuffs that member and no members can do too!

We re going to have fun! So you re invitated! See you there! The party begins at the iceberg!


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