Ph meetup

Club Penguin PH Meetup Times November 2013
PH will be visiting the island to celebrate the discovery of the Gold Puffle. Remember! The times listed below are in Penguin Standard Time. (If you don’t remember what Penguin Standard Time is, you can check the Clock Tower at the Snow Forts.) Here are some meetup times for you:

Thursday, November 14

* 9:00am on the server Chinook
* 3:00pm on the server Fog

Saturday, November 16

* 12:30pm on the server Sherbert
* 2:00pm on the server Wool Socks
* 5:30pm on the server Cozy

Sunday, November 17

* 9:00am on the server Jack Frost
* 3:00pm on the server Rainbow
* 6:30pm on the server Frosty

Monday, November 18

* 9:00am on the server Iceland
* 5:00pm on the server Crystal
* 6:00pm on the server Northern Lights
Tuesday, November 19

* 9:00am on the server Wool Socks
* 3:00pm on the server Mittens

Wednesday, November 20

* 9:00am on the server Mammoth
* 3:00pm on the server White Out

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