Club penguin new igloo coming soon March 2014

Hey everyone,

So maybe you remember the post I made about Polo Field and his post that he published on the portugal’s blog.

Well he published this post this time in english. Check it out:

Hey Penguins!

Polo Field has posted on Club Penguin blog about the Furniture and Igloo catalog to give us a little sneak peak which will be release in March 13th 2014! In the catalog members can buy air plane igloo so member penguin’s Igloo can be in feature Igloo list on Muppets Would Tour. Check it out the sneak peak and what did Polo Field said:

We know how much you guys enjoy having themed igloo lists for each party… So here’s what we’ve got ready for this month’s igloo party list!

 Here’s a sneak peek of the CP Airlines Igloo coming out in the Furniture and Igloo Catalog, March 13.
Members can purchase this igloo and be featured on the Flights list when the Muppets World Tour lands March 20.
If you had your very own airplane, where would you travel to? 
Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team
So waht do you think?
Waddle On

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