Club Penguin March 2014 New Club Penguin Times Issue #440

Hey everybody, today Club Penguin published their New Club Penguin Times Issue #440. Check it out

Club Penguin Muppets Finale Sneak Peek

Bunsen and Beaker visit Gary’s Lab and create a new paperclip that apparently increases the paper holdines by 98.3%! Woah!

Club Penguin Muppets Bunsen and Beaker Visit Gary's Lab

And of course, last but not least, April’s upcoming events! The Muppets leave April 1st + the Battle of the Ancient Shadows returns to stage! Not to mention there’s a new “puffletastic” Penguin Style next week as well.

Club Penguin Upcoming Events March 26

BONUS ARTICLE: Aunt Arctic interviewed Gonzo and asked him about his acting technique.

Dot Interviews The Great Gonzo

Don’t forget to pick up the latest Piñata pin at the Coffee Shop and make sure to leave a comment letting us know what YOU think.

Waddle On



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