Waddle On :)

Hey guys, Mega7000 here

I know I havent really been active on this blog lately. I have outgrown Club penguin and have begun a whole new chapter in my life but just so you know, I will NEVER forget the experience that I have lived throughout the first few years of my life.

Back when I started the game in 2007, when I decided that MEGA7000 was the coolest name ever and I was obsessed with the fishing game.

I still remember when I was so obsessed with the game in 2012 that I created 2 blogs about it, one in English one in French and also had two youtube channels

Back when i met so many moderators and this blog became a success and gave me the opportunity to talk to all of you guys who actually read my articles.

I loved all of the parties from the Hollywood One to the Teen Beach Movie one… They were all excpetionnal for me and were all a HUGE part of my childhood even though it is now over…

I would like to say thank you to the 50 000 visitors who clicked on this blog without knowing what it was and just read one post entirely ( and were victims of my clickbait 😉 )

I know Club Penguin Island is the NEW Club Pengiun but it will never be the same. On this awesome PC game were built so many great memories that I have lived with so many great people!

I really wish all of you the best. Here is to new beginnings and happy endings 🙂

And for one last time, Waddle On Guys!

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