Club Penguin Island: How to play it?

By Mega7000     31th March 2017

Hey guys, it’s me. I noticed that no one was blogging about Club Penguin Island and gave it up but not me. I intend to make it a success even though I don’t particulary like it so much.

As you know, Club Penguin just released their NEW mobile game: Club Penguin Island. In order to play the game you need to create a Disney account:

Disney log in

Once you log in just press on the play button and you’re good to go 🙂

Normally, you will land on the Migrator and will have to complete Rockhopper’s mission:


After completing Rockhopper’s mission, you’re free until you wish to start another mission the next day. You have daily challenges as well:

Daily challenges

You can explore the Island. There are 3 places opened at the moment:

The Coconut Cove:


And jump on those awesome trampolines (yes I’am a teenager who enjoys them don’t judge)


You can also rock on with your friends and imagine you can actually play those instruments.

Rock band

You can also hop on to the Sea Caves

sea caves

You wanna go for a swim underwater? This is the perfect place:


Don’t forget the famous Beacon Boardwalk:

beacon boardwalk

Go dance like no one is watching (sike dance like every penguin is watching and is jealous of your awesome dance moves)


Well guys, I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial on what the island actually looks like. I personnally think it is fun and can’t wait for them to bring the puffles, mascots and igloos on this game.

~Waddle On

Twitter: @mega70002 and youtube channel is Mega7000 Club Penguin, I post weekly videos there go check it out and suscribe please 🙂

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