Club Penguin Island: How to access the Throne Room


Hey guys, Mega7000 here. Today, we will talk about how to access the Throne Room in the Sea Caves.

First of all, get to the sea caves and get ready to swim underwater!

throne 1

Then just swim straight and get deeper and deeper into the water.

throne 2

Turn right then go deeper again

throne 5

throne 3

Turn left and normally you should see that  blue entrance in the middle:

throne 4

Pass right through it and continue swimming straight and going deeper in the waters:

throne 4-1

Once you go deep enough, you should see the sign that is pointing towards the Throne Room:

throne 6

Turn right and swim:

throne 7

Continue going right and then go up:

throne 8

Here you go, you are in the Throne Room:

throne 9

You can sit down on the throne and I dont know imagine that you rule Club Penguin (Herbert can’t relate 😉 ).

throne 10

Well here you go guys, this is how you access the Throne Room on Club Penguin Island.

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