Club Penguin Island 1.2: What’s new?

Hey guys, as you all must know, there was a new update on Club Penguin Island this thursday. Of course, with a new update come new features, so what is new on the island?

Well, first of all, since Earth Day is coming up pretty soon (on the 22nd of April), we have new decorations that can ONLY be spotted on the Beacon BoardWalk:


You will also have, in your posssession a map of the island!

map 2

With that, we can see that there is another room that has yet to be discovered!

Great news for the non members! You can now use ALL of the ziplines!


There is also a phone that gives you your daily challenges and news on the Club Penguin Island Blog

cp phone

There are also new missions with Aunt Arctic and Rockhopper, there will be an exciting post about that coming up today! You will not believe what happens at the end of those missions:

aunt arctic m

What do you think? Do you find the new update interesting?

Waddle On


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