Club Penguin Island: Aunt Arctic welcomes you to the EPF

Hey guys, I promised in another post that I was going to do a post about the EPF so here it is.

After the new update that occured last Thursday, a new feature became available on Club Penguin Island.

You see, after you completed ALL of Aunt Arctic and Rockhopper’s missions

aunt arctic m


unfortunately, those are only available to members -_-

Anyways, once you completed everyone of these missions, Aunt Arctic, who as you all know is the director (if you didn’t well, you know now 😉 ) will pop up and invite you into the EPF


Rookie looks like Donald Trump and how many muscles did JetPack Guy gain?


This is the first time, in the game that we see Dot, Gary, Jetpack Guy and Rookie.

Aunt Arctic will invite you into the EPF where you will have to battle Herbert once again. I will make another post about that soon.

Credits to @BrickPalCP for the pictures with Aunt Arctic!

Waddle On!

~Mega70 (00)


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