Club Penguin How to get a Free Club Penguin membership

By Mega7000

Wassup everyone, I’M BACK. So basically today I am going to explain to you how to get a  free club penguin membership. It’s easy ( sort of)

You first need to be on IOS ( iphone, ipad, ipod etc…) or Android for it to work

All you need to do is go on this link: .

It will redirect you to a safe website named Free My Apps.

Install free my apps.

Basically, Free My Apps is a website in which you need to install free apps to get credits Once you get only 2400 credits go to the earn page in free my apps and you will be able to get a free Club Penguin membership for A WHOLE MONTH as well as other cool prices.


If you need help doing it then make sure to leave a comment on this page and I will help you for sure. Don’t worry I tried it out myself as well as more than 1 million other users and it works

I’am Mega7000 and you are on my blog

See ya 🙂